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Technology Department

The Technology Department of the Berrien County School District is devoted to providing students and teachers with the newest technology available for learning tools.  The school district has over 1200 computers in use at this time, with future plans to put six computers in each classroom. We provide installation and support for the software purchased by the school district.  Some of the supported software includes  Harcourt, Classworks, Accelerated Reader, Accelerated Math and Academy of Reading. 


Recently we switched from a Novell network to Microsoft Active Directory.   Funding acquired through the Erate process helped to purchase the school districts new servers.  A linux based emailing system for teachers has been installed to cut the budget costs.  With the mass production of spam (junk) email the district purchased a spam firewall to keep unwanted internet email from slowing down our school wide network.  In the past two years, we upgraded the speed of the school wide network with fiber optic connections between each school.  The fiber optic technology allows for faster internet and data transfers.  Students use this faster connection when taking online test such as the CRCT (Criterion Reference Competency Test) and GOAS (Georgia Online Assessment).  This year we have implemented a new CIPA (Child Internet Protection Act) content filter for limiting internet access to students.  Currently, we have added new centralized server technology into the libraries and cafeterias.   A centralized library system called Destiny allows web based library management including cataloging, circulation, searching, reporting, loans, and holds of books within each school.  Students can search each school's library for books via the internet.  A centralized Cafeteria system called Café Enterprise provides food service managers with student photos, account balance, student reports and journals of sales. 


The Technology Department is responsible for installation, maintenance and programming of all the computers in the Berrien County School District.  This is accomplished by computer leasing from Dell. Since the Technology Department has a Dell Certification, the repair time is limited to only two days from the time of diagnostic testing to the installation of the parts.  This department strives to keep the 1200 computers working effienctly with little time lost in repairs.  The computer leases help keep the computers in the school district up to date at an affordable price. 

Advances in technology are pushing the 21st century classroom into schools.  Most of the classrooms have a lcd projector that displays up to a 77 inch picture. This viewing area is controlled by touch screen allowing interactive internet access, document editing, presentations, video streaming, closed circuit television and computer programs at teacher and student fingertips. 

Thank you for your interest in the Technology Department.